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Coach Judy,
   I wanted to thank you for all that you           did for the students, and particularly my daughter this year.   She is an only child, and very shy. I watcher her blossom this year, and she was actually excited to perform in the show Friday night, and march in the parade. I asked her this morning what she wanted to do, because        of the rain, and she immediately replied,       "I want to go." Last year, at this time, she would have shuttered at the thought of marching in front of a crowd, and            probably cried until we got there. You have helped build her confidence, and given her an inner strength to try new things. This afternoon, she was already talking about gymnastics/twirl next year, and what she thinks she will learn. It brought a tear to    my eye today to watch her march past me with a grin on her face. Thanks again,           and this is definitely a "first parade" I     will never forget!
                           Kirstin Battershell (5/27/13)

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June 3, 2016
 Thank you for all you do! I was telling my mother in law during the recital that we are so lucky to have found this class with you as the teacher because you truly love to teach and love the kids. Ellie always looks forward to Color Guard each week, and I can truly say that she has never been that way with anything else she has tried. And I know for a fact that having you as her teacher is the number one reason she loves it so much. 
So, again, thank you!  
                             Hannah Sims 
                                   June 12, 2018

Spree Color Guard
June 2018
Spree Color Guard 
March 2018
 To Spree Programs,
     My daughter expressed interest while in pre-K and initially it was not offered for her age level (she was only 4). As fate would have it, Spree became available a couple weeks later. Coach Judy and her team were excellent in facilitating support and guidance. My daughter was welcomed with open arms.  The older girls in class were mentors, and took her under their wings. I felt she would be in good hands. They were always looking out for her. It was a blessing to witness the bonds that were built and watch her shine. I was a little apprehensive she may be too small or too young, and would not be able to keep up. Some skills were more challenging than others but with teamwork, support of others and Coach Judy's acronyms, she was able to persevere and grow while having a great time.  The classes were convenient, allowing my daughter to attend right after school instead of being in Extended Care.  The program cost was very reasonable, and Coach Judy used costumes that were versatile, adorable and age appropriate. We are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the next season! Thank you,
                                                           Erika H.  (August 2020)
"Our family loves Spree & the Coaches"               Liz W.     
                Aug. 2020